Friday, February 24, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me...

You say it's your birthday?...It's my birthday too...

February 25th is my birthday and on my birthday I often reflect on the people that came before me. So on this day, I would like to pay homage to all the many people who made their bodies bridges so
that I could even exist, by surviving some of the most horrifying episodes in the history of this world. Listed below are some of the most important images in American History. Thanks for reading...well in this case viewing.

Happy Black History Month!
It is with pride and respect that I offer this tribute...
Question: Remember how this country was founded?
Answer: With Slave labor.
People don't talk about this much has become taboo to tell the truth. My country, my country, built on the backs of slaves and afraid, ashamed and sometimes unapologietic about it. Well, I refuse to dishonor those that came before me and survived over 300 years of slavery, and later jim crow, so that my generation could have a chance at a free that I may have the chance to be a writer and tell thier stories, America's stories. This is a visual tribute to the strength and struggle of my people.

by Tom Feelings

A special thank you to the women who shaped, and molded me into a political scientist...

Shirley Chisholm

Barbara Jordan

To our ancestors I say, Thank you!

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